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Overview This course will give learners a comprehensive understanding of the Safar Islamic Studies syllabus (Learn about Islam Series) as well as explore tools, techniques and practices that can be used to maximise effective delivery of classroom lessons. The course also covers key aspects of good teaching, such as planning, delivery style & techniques and understanding student needs. This exploration is also grounded in the Islamic tradition by introducing the inspiring techniques and practices used by the Prophet (saw) and his Companions. Teaching method and resources The course has six units and is delivered in pre-recorded webinar format with on-screen visual aids, teacher demonstrations as well as a unit providing a classroom observation video recorded live at Safar Academy.

Learners may use the Safar Learn about Islam Series textbooks, workbooks and Teacher’s Guide (Schemes of Work) with this course. Handouts are also available to download for the unit/s

Learning Outcomes  Upon successful completion of this course, trainees should be able to:
  • Demonstrate a teacher level understanding of the aims, format, structure and features of the Safar Islamic Studies syllabus, and use this knowledge to maximise educational planning and effective delivery of content.
  • Use good teaching practices and techniques as inspired by the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw).
  • Use storytelling as an effective teaching technique.
  • Plan and deliver effective lessons.
  • Understand how to meet different learner needs, particularly early years learners.