Safar Training

Teaching Du’as and Surahs

With this comprehensive course, you’ll be walked through each aspect of our Learn by Heart Series, with a step-by-step breakdown of each unique learning feature.


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What makes this course special?

Clear learning objectives

Each module and unit has a clear set of objectives to aid your learning and progress throughout the course.

Organised Content & Video Chapters

Progress through each module at your own pace, using our bookmarked video chapters to navigate and review content you’re interested in.

Practical Demonstrations

With real-world classroom demonstrations, you’ll learn how theory can be applied practically in your own classrooms.

Downloadable Resources

Each unit comes with relevant downloadable material, including course handouts and resources to help you plan and deliver lessons in the best way

Course Details


This course will give learners a comprehensive understanding of the Safar Learn by Heart Series, which teaches memorisation and application of duʿāʾs and sūrahs in a Muslim’s daily life. Learners will gain an in-depth understanding on how this syllabus has been developed, formatted and structured so it ties in with Islamic Studies and Qurʾān and tajwīd learning in order to ensure teaching duʿāʾs and sūrahs is done in a holistic, logical and effective manner. The course also provides an in-depth demonstration on how to use a ḥalaqah based teaching method for managing progress and student development.

The course has three units in pre-recorded webinar format with on-screen visual aids, teacher demonstrations, as well as classroom demonstrations recorded live at Safar Academy. Learners will need copies of the Safar Duʿāʾs and Sūrahs Book 1 and 2 to use with the course. Handouts are also available to download for the unit/s.

Learning Outcomes 

Upon successful completion of this course, trainees should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a teacher level understanding of the aims, format, structure and features of the Safar Learn by Heart Series and how it ties in with the full Safar curriculum.
  • Expertly use the features and teaching tools contained in the Safar Duʿāʾs and Sūrahs Book 1 and Book 2, such as levels and targets, translation and revision system, correction key and virtues/rewards information.
  • Use and manage a ḥalaqah based teaching system.
  • Set learning standards, plan and manage student progress and conduct student assessments


Shaykh Hasan Ali

Shaykh Hasan Ali

Founder, Safar Academy Trust